These are fascinating readings full of great insights into:

  • Why you are the way you are
  • How your past lives have shaped your life
  • Why you have some blocks in your life
  • Why certain people are in your life
  • Retrieving important parts of self - "Shamanic Soul Retrieval"
  • Higher perspective processing of life lessons 
  • Greater self appreciation and understanding
  • Soul mates, friendships, family connections

Retrieving these fascinating parts allow you to begin to pull them all into this lifetime where you can connect and integrate with your higher self. You can begin to understand certain themes, family and friends, and appreciate so much more the powerful spirit that you are.  Old themes that have not been completed will come forward so that you can process them and free yourself up for greater living.

Akashic Records

Past,  Present/Concurrent 

and Future Lives Reading.

The Akashic Records are etheric records kept that  contain the past, present/concurrent and future aspects and personalities of all souls, planets and universal events.  





"Dia Speaks"