DIA is a collective involving pure Source Love, Ascended Masters, Archangelic, Galactic Federation Leaders, Ashtar Command Leaders, Euphorics from the 12th Dimension, Star Nation High Council Members, and the Elohim, Spirit Guides and Soul Family Members...along with many of beings of light.

Receiving a reading from an Oracle is a whole new level of Psychic Reading.  

What makes a reading

with an oracle 
so unique?

​An Oracle is the highest level of Psychic Reader there is. 

​Oracles are highly sufficient in:​

  • Telepathic communication
  • Clairaudience:  Clear Hearing 
  • Clairsentience:  Clear Feeling
  • Clairvoyance:  Clear Seeing
  • Remote viewing:  Past present and future
  • Past lives:  Reader of Akashic Records 
  • Seeing into bodies (Medical Intuitive) 
  • Sees aura fields and heals them
  • Spirit guides communication
  • Seer of future events
  • ​Communication with all animals/plants
  • Multidimensional navigator of 1-13 dimensions
  • Mediumship:  Communication with loved ones who've passed on
  • Archangelic & Ascended Masters, Elementals, 
  • Channeling Multi-Dimensional Light Beings, Soul Family Members
  • High Healing capabilities and frequencies
  • Carries the "White Flame" Twin Flame Ascension Energies
  • Ability to read a person on conscious, subconscious and super conscious levels for healing and life direction.
  • Divinator:  Speaks and channels Divine Source Beings in awakened Trance Channeled State

Oracles blend with you and become one with you for a few moments. When this happens, you are awakened to the love and unity from where you came. This ignites your heart and breaks through walls of protection to a greater sense of Divine Love, Peace and of being understood.  It can be very profound.

Oracle & Multi-Dimensional Trance Channel

Holly Powers Matthews

DIA is a "Divine Inspirational Assembly involving pure connection to our Loving Source from many dimensional beings of light, energy, wisdom  and frequency.  






In these readings you will retrieve fascinating parts of your multidimensionality...allowing you to begin to pull them all into this lifetime where you can connect and integrate with your higher self. You can begin to understand certain themes, family and friends, and appreciate so much more the powerful spirit that you are.  Old themes that have not been completed will come forward so that you can process them and free yourself up for greater living.

"Dia Speaks"

Andrew Bartzis - Galactic Historian said of Oracles:  "Focus Beings are called Oracles.  People who can perceive other dimensions, times, galaxies and Universe and translate an infinite unity connection of an entire species into a single spoken language in fraud times.  Similar to what I do, oracles of the ancient past were generally connected to other planetary minds."